keras_rcnn.backend.meshgrid(*args, **kwargs)[source]
keras_rcnn.backend.pad(x, pad_width, mode)[source]

Modify a sequence by shuffling its contents. This function only shuffles the array along the first axis of a multi-dimensional array. The order of sub-arrays is changed but their contents remains the same.

keras_rcnn.backend.squeeze(a, axis=None)[source]

Remove single-dimensional entries from the shape of an array.

keras_rcnn.backend.transpose(x, axes=None)[source]

Permute the dimensions of an array.

keras_rcnn.backend.unique(x, return_index=False)[source]

Find the unique elements of an array.

Returns the sorted unique elements of an array. There are three optional outputs in addition to the unique elements: the indices of the input array that give the unique values, the indices of the unique array that reconstruct the input array, and the number of times each unique value comes up in the input array.

keras_rcnn.backend.where(condition, x=None, y=None)[source]